‘Tis the Season

I’m loving how busy busy busy my 2014 acting season has been so far!

On Stage

"Last night you were so... wonderful..." [Ruth Arnell (Deirdre), Mitch Weindorf (Andrew)]

“Last night you were so… wonderful…” [Ruth Arnell (Deirdre), Mitch Weindorf (Andrew)]

Since my last update, I closed Murder on the Nile at Sunset Playhouse, where I also rehearsed, ran, and closed I Hate Hamlet. (Yikes! I guess that means I should probably be updating more often…)

IHH was a blast. Oh gosh I love that Playhouse crowd! Di Alioto and Jan Szczepanski co-directed, and due to scheduling conflicts we had a fleet of stage managers. But wouldn’t you know it worked out perfectly? So many folks I had yet to work with; the whole thing felt like I’d won a prize or something, and I am so on board with that.

For those familiar with the show, I played Deirdre, an actress and hopeless romantic in love with her boyfriend, with Shakespeare, and with love itself.

Russ Bickerstaff of the Shepherd Express had this to say: “Ruth Arnell mixes irresistible sweetness with earnestly impassioned imbalance as his girlfriend and fellow actor, Deirdre.”

You heard it here first, folks: “Ruth Arnell… i…s… imbalance…d.” I’ll take it! 😉

Next up is Talley’s Folly at SummerStage in Delafield, WI running in late-July and early-August. So far all I’ve done is highlight my script and freak out over how many markers I used up for that task…

On Camera

"Escanear el código de barras..."

“Escanear el código de barras…”

In April I shot a national training video for a major department store chain, which was surprisingly fun. The folks there were fantastic, and I finally got to try my hand (try my eye?) at using a teleprompter. Easy peasy! Bring it on!

I didn’t get any pictures from that day, but I did take this one (at right) from the booth there when I went back this month to record accompanying voiceover tracks for another training video they’re putting together, this time totalmente en español

I got to follow that up with shooting a Steinhafels commercial two weeks ago which I’m really excited about! The ad won’t air until October, but as soon as I’ve got it I’ll post it here.

And on Facebook.

And on Twitter.

Did I mention I’m really excited about it??

 On the Mic

What would an update be without playing catch-up with the goings on over at Radio WHT?

April’s show brought Milwaukee’s listening audience a bizarre… and delightful… romp through The Westland in Charles Sommers’ adaptation of T. S. Eliot’s The Wasteland.

I’ve read just enough of The Wasteland to get why the adaptation was hilarious, and paid just enough attention during my undergrad to get why the adaptation was brilliant. Next stop: Introducing the script to my English professors.

I’ll get your work into a university syllabus yet, Sommers!


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